What is Hemp-Derived CBD?

Hemp-derived CBD oil is a product exclusively made from Cannabidiol, which is a part of the Cannabis plant.

How much CBD should I consume daily?

It usually depends on person to person. However, consuming a full dropper twice a day is enough.

Are your products safe?

Of course, Yes! We use the latest techniques during hemp extraction. The process is much healthier and doesn’t cause any adverse effects on the body.

Is there any difference between your products and the ones I buy from the grocery store?

The Hemp products sold in stores are usually made with hemp seed oil and contain a low amount of CBD concentration. In contrast, Our Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is extracted from the selected hemp farms and offers a higher percentage of CBD by weight and nutritional benefits.

What is Hemp?

In the industry, hemp refers to the industrial variant cultivated for its fiber and seeds and other natural healing compounds present in its leaves. These plants have aided a wide variety of purposes for more than a thousand years and have a high concentration of fiber, protein, and oil extracts. Hemp fibers are further used to make items which include paper, clothing, rope, and building materials. Although the hemp plant doesn’t consist of a significant amount of THC, it still contains the non-intoxicating and medicinally vibrant CBD in high concentrations. Hemp-Derived CBD products are rapidly becoming a popular form of remedy in the consumer market.